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                                  Brief introduction of the company

                                  Guangdong Zhongqing Sugar Group Co., Ltd. (formally Guangdong Zhongqing Sugar?? ?Refining and Paper Co., Ltd. hereinafter referred to as "GDZQ") is a comprehensive integrated?? ?economic entity, mainly dealing with sugar trade at home and abroad, raw sugar processing,??? sugar products production and sales, brand operating, as well as pulp trading business.

                                  GDZQ was restructured from Guangdong Sugar and Paper Industry Corporation??? established in 1950. In inherits to its original resources and business, through continuous?? ?optimization, integration and innovation, GDZQ has developed to one of the largest sugar?? ??trader?? ?in Guangdong province. Its annual income has been over 1 billion,

                                  As the Vice-chairman of the China Sugar Association, chairman of the Guangdong Sugar?? ?Association and Guangdong Paper Association, GDZQ has always been exemplarily practicing?? ?social responsibility, and actively joining in the research and innovation. At present, GDZQ is?? ?optimizing its operating model and corporate structure step by step, and gradually realizing the?? ?target of being the sugar and pulp supplier and brand operator possessing international competitiveness.


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