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                                  You are here:Home > About Us > Our Culture

                                  Our Culture

                                  1.Our Mission

                                  Create value for customers through professional, leading services.

                                  2.Our Vision

                                  Oriented by consumer demand, through research, brand and talent strategy, lead the company into an internationally competitive sugar and pulp suppliers and brand operators.

                                  3.Core Values

                                  Integrity, professionalism, leadership, win-win

                                  4.Our Philosophy

                                  R&D creates value, brand achieves future

                                  5.Our Image

                                  Our company appears in the eyes of customers and the community with leading and dynamic image.

                                  Staff Image: professional, dedicated, enterprising, frank, honest.

                                  Product image: Health, refined, leading

                                  Company Logo: it is made up of the rising sun and the letter “Z” and “Q”, the first letter of “Zhong Qing”, symbolizing the company"s active, leading, dynamic and young image.






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