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                                  Sugar Import and Export

                                  Sugar import and export

                                  GDZQ is one of the largest domestic corporate dealing with import-export business of raw sugar, refined cane sugar, and sugar product. Import: GDZQ mainly import raw sugar from Brazil, Australia, Thailand, and import refined sugar from EU, South Korea, Thailand, Central America, and Japan. Export: By running our own plant and taking full advantage of the domestic and foreign resource, we actively tap into the new international market. The export items are including: Lump Sugar, Rock Sugar, Brown Sugar Slab, Icing Sugar, Golden Syrup, Sugar Cube and Demerara Sugar. The “SOUTH WORD BRAND” registered in 1965 has been sold in the foreign market for over 25 years, and had very high reputation and share in the target market. Domestic selling business: We take advantage of our production base and marketing channel to sell Demerara Sugar and Refined Sugar abroad and in the mainland.


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